Women Portrait Exhibition

Welcome to a celebration of femininity and artistry. The Women Portrait Exhibition by Atis Luguzs is a tribute to the diverse beauty and strength of women, captured through the intimate lens of the canvas.

About the Collection:

  • Collection Description: Details about the collection’s themes, styles, and number of portraits.
  • Artist’s Vision: Inspiration and the artistic vision behind the collection.

Exhibition Details:

  • Flexibility of Display: How the collection can be adapted to different spaces and settings.
  • Size and Space Requirements: Information on the size of the collection and the minimum space required for display.

Rental Information:

  • Pricing Structure: Rentals start at 400 euros in Latvia and up to 2000 euros in Germany and Sweden.
  • Inclusions: What is included in the rental price (e.g., transportation of artworks, installation, etc.).
  • Booking Process: How to book the exhibition for their venue.


  • Previous Exhibitions: Experiences and reviews from past venues where the collection was displayed.

Selective Artworks of the Collection:

  • Preview of Collection: Selected works from the collection to entice potential renters.


  • Common Questions: Address frequently asked questions about the rental process, insurance, security requirements, etc.

Get in Touch with Atis Luguzs:

Contact Form: For any inquiries or to begin the commissioning process, please feel free to reach out by filling out the contact form below.

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    Terms and Conditions:

    • Rental Agreement: Outline the terms of renting, including duration, responsibilities of the renter, and any other conditions.