Are you looking for a portrait? Then, you have come to the right place.

I paint portraits based on photographs. So, I need one before starting to work. It’s good if the photographer is well-known, whom you trust.

The picture must reflect positive emotions; the eyes and mouth correspond to the same feeling. It is weird if the mouth is smiling, but the eyes are scared. Then you will end up with a strange portrait without emotional harmony.

Gallery of women’s portraits

Portrait commission pricing, euros (€)

Inches, centimeters, and number of subjects.

cm cm I, eur II, eur III, eur
8 x 12 20 x 30 81 104 122
12 x 18 30 x 45 176 225 264
16 x 24 40 x 60 296 378 442
20 x 30 50 x 75 427 545 638
24 x 35 60 x 90 552 705 825
28 x 41 70 x 105 651 832 973
32 x 47 80 x 120 699 893 1045

For this money, you get a portrait painted on canvas. It may require an external frame. It can be adjusted later and the painting framed at a frame-making workshop for a separate fee.

You can put the painting on the wall without a frame. In this case, the image can be created over the entire canvas area or leave a 1 cm wide white frame on the edges, which will also look decorative enough.

Before starting work, I need a photo of the subject to paint. Maybe you already have a nice image in your inventory or can go to a photo studio to make it.

If necessary, I can photograph the person for portrait painting in the desired place and environment. The cost for an off-site photo session is by agreement.

Delivery of the portrait painting

Delivery of paintings up to 40 x 60 cm

  • 15 euros by DPD in the parcel locker in Latvia.
  • 20 euros to the recipient’s address in Latvia.
  • 30 euros in a parcel locker in the European Union.

Delivery for paintings over 40 x 60 cm and up to 175 cm

  • 30 euros for delivery to the recipient’s address in Latvia.
  • 60 euros to the recipient’s address in the European Union (EU).

Delivery costs are indicative and subject to change.

Other technical details.

  • I paint portraits with acrylic paints.
  • The standard frame thickness under the canvas is 19 mm (0.75 “). However, frames are also available in 38 mm (1.5″) and 50 mm (2”) thicknesses, which will be slightly more expensive.
  • Payment is available via PayPal or bank transfer.

Contact Atis Luguzs via:

  • Email: atis.luguzs@gmail.com
  • WhatsApp t. +371 267 61 807
  • Or by filling the form below: