Hi, my name is Atis Luguzs. I am an artist from Latvia a country in the northeast of Europe. This site is about events in my life. I write this blog like a  diary and plan for future events from art and creative perspective.

Women portraits

I like to paint women portraits. I try to achieve emotional integrity between eyes, mouth and overall facial expression in my works. Antique portraits I find as cold as a subject from morgue fridge. This is why I use a photo instead of painting live where it’s difficult to keep certain emotion expressed due to prolonged time.



My little friends, my pets

I spend my life with a pigeon, to parrots.  I also have a dozen of several fishes in my 300 litres aquarium, which is actually a bit too small for them.

My travel

Lot of the time I spend in the canoe boat in nature. My favourite place for photography is peat bog. Especially at sunrise or sunset accompanied by some fog. I like winter and frozen lakes in the forest also to shoot some wild nature images.

My Photography

I like to do photography. It is nature mainly, sunrise in a swamp or bog. The landscape of wetlands. Sunset in the sea.

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