About the Artist

I am Atis Luguzs, a Latvian artist passionately devoted to crafting captivating female portraits. My art is a dance of colors and brushstrokes, each one carefully chosen to infuse my canvases with deep emotion and vibrant personality. In every portrait, I seek not just to depict but to celebrate the strength and beauty of women, capturing the essence of their unique spirit in a way that speaks to the heart.

My latest exhibition, “Portrait of a Woman,” is a collection that holds a special place in my soul. It showcases a range of stunning portraits, each one a tender homage to the diversity and individuality of my subjects. These women, with their myriad expressions and stories, have become my muses, guiding my hand in a romantic journey across the canvas.

In this collection, I aim to capture more than just the physical beauty of my subjects. It’s about the emotional resonance, the subtle nuances of femininity, and the unspoken tales behind each gaze. This exhibition is my love letter to the complex, profound nature of womanhood, each portrait a testament to the unique stories that each woman carries within her.

Artist’s Story:

My artistic journey began unexpectedly, reignited by a visit to the Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm back in 2017. As I wandered amidst the vibrant canvases and sculptures, something within me stirred – a long-dormant passion that had not seen the light of day since my days at a children’s art school and, later, at an Arts and Crafts college. That night, upon my return, I painted my first portrait, “Inese,” in over two decades. It was a revelation, an awakening of a slumbering talent I hadn’t realized I possessed.

Portrets "Inese"
Portrait “Inese”. Acrylics on canvas (2016), 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inches)

The inspiration for my second portrait came unexpectedly, amidst the captivating ambiance of Stockholm’s art fair. There, amidst the myriad of artworks, my eyes landed on a girl who seemed to embody the essence of the exhibition itself. She wasn’t just another face in the crowd; she was a living, breathing muse, unknowingly compelling me to capture her likeness on canvas.

This portrait became more than just a project; it was a heartfelt endeavor that stretched over two months. As I painted, I found myself reflecting on the brief moments I’d observed her – the way the light played on her features, the subtle expressions that crossed her face. It was a more challenging scene than my first portrait, “Inese,” filled with the nuances of a person I barely knew yet felt inexplicably drawn to.

Each stroke of my brush was tinged with a blend of admiration and curiosity. My technique may not have been polished, but the painting was rich with my personal impressions and feelings. There was a certain romance in this process, a delicate exploration of someone who had unknowingly touched my artistic soul.

Sievietes portrets ar Iphone
A girl from Stockholm. Acrylics on canvas (2017), 50 x 60 cm (20 x 24 inches)

Completing this portrait marked a significant moment in my artistic journey. It wasn’t just about the technical accomplishment but about the emotional connection I had formed with my subject from afar. It steered me towards a path of capturing women’s portraits, each one a new story, a new exploration of feelings and expressions captured in the intimacy of my canvas.

For some reason, unknown even to me, I was drawn to painting portraits, specifically of women. Perhaps the allure was in the challenge – the intricate task of capturing not just the physical likeness but the essence of a person. I noticed early on that I had a unique ability to overcome what many artists struggle with in portrait painting: the lifelessness, the frozen expressions that can so easily creep into a face on canvas. My brush seemed to breathe life into these portraits, avoiding the pitfalls of awkward smiles or stiff postures.

Artistic Philosophy:

For me, painting a woman is an intimate dance of brush and canvas. It goes beyond the mechanical act of applying color. It is akin to adorning a face with makeup, each stroke of the brush a tender, knowing touch. In this process, I find myself delving deeper into the subject’s essence than perhaps they themselves have ventured. I capture not just their physical symmetry but the subtle asymmetries that make them uniquely beautiful, the fleeting shadows of emotions that play across their features.

This journey into a woman’s emotional landscape is private, almost sacred. I often grapple with a bittersweet sense of intrusion, as if I’m trespassing into a realm where I’m both an outsider and a confidant. Yet, in these moments of quiet guilt, I reassure myself with the thought that this profound exploration is necessary for my art. The woman on the canvas will never know of this intimate journey, yet through it; her essence is immortalized, her inner world unveiled with every stroke of my brush.

In each portrait, I strive not just to capture a likeness but to reveal a story, to unveil the myriad layers that compose the woman before me. This unending quest to explore, understand, and express the intricate beauty of the feminine spirit continues to fuel my passion for women’s portraits.